Case fan, CPU fan, and thermal pad questions


Baseband Member
I use the Aspire X-Dreamer II case and I noticed that the fan on the side of the case is blowing air inside. Should the side fan be blowing air inside? Also, I think my cpu fan is blowing air into the heatsink, not away, is that supposed to happen? I didn't do any rearranging of the fan, that was exactly how it came in the retail box.

also, in the installation of the heatsink, a very minute amount of the thermal pad was wiped off by accident, will this be an issue? My cpu runs around 30-35 degrees celcius idle.


The CPU temp seems pretty normal. Intels typically run hotter than AMDs though, so keep that in mind. Also, the CPU fan is supposed to blow toward the CPU, not away. As for the case fan, that's not quite as strict, so blowing in is okay, but it would probably be better blowing out. You can flip it if you want.