I think the CPU cooling fan is failing

win10 is a major down grade to me. example: like where are all my programs at my start bar? I have office97on disc. which has word ect.
the new LT is pounding me to sign up for a free word for 1 year which actually expires 3-2-022 I can't open any word doc. or even word pad doc. I can in notepad.
the constant adjusting screen zoom is a joke full screen 50%/67%/75% 67% is what I use but being forced to adjust every page at every website is getting old, plus at 67% it overscans like text is outside the screen.

I don't mind using a win7 LT offline see I cruise in ( I see your in great lakes I have a 24' starcraft crusier) the gulf of Mexico from Ft.morgan,AL to destin, FL when I come in to protected waters it's nice to have a little entertainment on long 3-4 day cruises, I can use the old LT
for playback & for live TV no net necessary yes I can survive w/out the net for a few days, just getting away from it all.
see I have for the acer a 12volt DC powersupply brick & allmost new battery, I could probably find adaptors for the brick but I'd like to continue to use both as is.

I mite be looking into ditching windows and learning linux if it's not to hard, I'm just used to windows.

last night I missed a deal on a acer same model# but had a nicer CPU i5 was complete w/ OS & drive $60.+$15.shipping which comparing to the others is a good price for a working LT. I didn't pull the trigger BC I'm still weighting options + one ebay image of screen was locked by owner.
anyway I was surprised at all the old LT parts PPL are selling any and every piece.

edit: if I do find a deal on a decent win7 LT w/ i5 CPU will I be able to install say win 10 or 11 to that machine.
edit2: my old acer made in 2009 has resolution of 1920X1080 new LT is like 1300X700 more down grading
I've been trying win10 for 4 days now,to many gripes to list, I start to compile a list an post. for right now how many times do I have to fix enter your search box stuck on screen?
I've been trying win10 for 4 days now,to many gripes to list, I start to compile a list an post. for right now how many times do I have to fix enter your search box stuck on screen?
They came out with a patch for that a month or two ago.... just update your Windows 10. Windows 10 is supposed to expire in 3 yrs. and you can not use Windows 11 with an older pc. I have an i7 6700K and M$ sez I need to upgrade to run Windows 11 on my pc.
I haven't done any updates haven't even looked at the control panels settings to see if automatic updates are on. thanks for tip on patch.
basically win10 sucks has ruined the whole net experience.

I'm concidering a small form factor PC case w/ win7 see my tow vehicle for my vessel is a conversion van.
remember the grandpaw van w/ small TV? vcr/dvd. I'd like to swap in a small form case for playback.

can office97 be installed on a win10 machine?
I can't remember did M$ pictures editing come w/ win7. this win10 paint is a total joke.
I dunno... but why waste your time with 97?
You can use Libre Office for free (Open Source) and it is compatible with Microsoft Office
There are Google options for photo editing as with Google options for Office too.
I use Open Source like Gimp for photo edits. Just because Microsoft offers apps for the things you want does not mean you have to use those Windows Apps.
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OK I'll try out libre & gimp thanks for tip. is it like word w/ spell check? basically I'm used to compressing cropping images w/ M$, I prefer to refer to them as programs thats what I learned them as, when I hear apps I feel like I'm talking to a phone expert.
I like office 97 BC I can choose what to install like I'm not doing presentations or spread sheets anymore so I don't install that part of office.

I decided to get a used mini lenova 3rd gen i3CPU, 160GB HDD, 4GB RAM. w/ HDMI.
I hope the little wifi antenna that screws into the back receives & has good performance.
what do you think of the mini lenova?
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