I think the CPU cooling fan is failing

no just regular haven't done anything that requires admin privileges. I 'll check more and report back.
just ordered the lenova mini I got the last one from a place that refurbs & installs my choice of OS, hope it's a decent PC, it sure looks cool.

I'll probably make a small shelf behind the TV used as monitor.
I ordered the ebay lenovo tiny PC last thrusday and the ppl haven't even shipped it yet. all they've done is create a lable.

I see a similar model LT model 5733 for sale for parts nice cpui5. it needs a screen and a power supply, which I have both I think.
donesn't NE usalley list all compatable computer and parts?like if I saw my model # then I'd know if my screen would fit.


I looked at my screen and saw a none ribbon type connecter at upper MOBO there's a 2nd underneth hopefully it's more durable than a ribbon so I mite be able to swap screens and still use win7 online.

edit: doe's this in fact look like a broken screen or something else creating a messed up image? I do observe a power light on the LT however I believe the round physical power button lights up also and it's off.

even though the screen is broken I could still use this LT w/ a HDMI connection to a monitor work station style.

edit2: I've observed the majority of used PCs are w/ out the OS HDD is this BC PPL are scared of other PPL examining the HDD.


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Isn't it true that this laptop hasn't been serviced or even cleaned in the last 13 years? Madness.
There are no penalties for computers that generate any kind of sound.
When it comes to lubrication and lubrication, these fans should have lubrication-free bearings and bushings, but that isn't the case. The only oil that fits is silicone oil, which is very common. Also, don't use anything else. If this oil isn't genuine and pure, the only thing that will suffice is Vaseline.
However, you may be allowed to claim that after such a lengthy time of non-maintenance, this fan has been irreversibly damaged and requires replacement.
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I must remove keyboard the plate under KB the ssd the rear underneth plastic botton and all the ribbon cables, this is where I'm concerned w/ breaking those tiny cables.
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