I think the CPU cooling fan is failing

Couple ?s on fan installation will receive ebay fan & TP 2-22-022 lots of 2s gotta be lucky.

1.Tape holds fan to the copper pipe, is it OK to retape new fan w/ 3M electrical tape?

2.is it acceptable to clean old thermal paste off w/ a lint free cloth or a regular paper towel? I know it was suggested to use a chemical but is absolutely necessary?

3.I watched a few videos is it necessary to remove the ram & wifi cards some vids leave then in?

4.I’ve observed a few (videos) where a magnetic screwdriver was used on the MOBO, I thought this wasn’t acceptable due to the MOBO being sensitive to magnetism?

Additional I don’t have actual computer tools, I do have a jewelry screwdriver, old credit card for prying, tweezers for disconnecting wired terminations also a dental pick for the wired connections. Hopefully I can get bye w/ what I have.

These are only my personal opinions so someone else could have a better suggestion....

1. Just cut the tape and peel back, might be best to use some thing stronger like gorilla tape as long as it is non-conductive.
2. yes...Use a lint free cloth. You do not want any type of fibers left between the cpu and heatsink. They do make a cleaning kit for cleaning off the old paste, but you can also use isopropyl alcohol, which is just old fashioned rubbing alcohol that you can pick up at walmart or your local grocery/pharmacy store. I suggest that you get the 92% or higher. You can scrape off the excess from heatsink with a credit card before you clean with the alcohol. Personal note: you could actually use 200 proof "Everclear" liquor and enjoy youself while you clean...LOL. Do the same for the gpu also, but if there is a thermal pad on the gpu you should leave it on.
3. That depends on the laptop, some will interfere and some don't. You'll have to make that call as you dis-assemble but it is not very difficult to remove those items.
4. I've used a slightly magnetic screwdriver to dis-assemble laptops myself and no damage done. (if you rub a magnet across the screw driver tip in one direction it will be just strong enough to hold onto the screws as you remove them)

I use about the same tools that you use although I may have a wider selection of screw drivers and torx bits. just be careful and take note of things. If your laptop is older and uses a variety of different screws and lengths, then I use several labled dixie cups to keep track of which screws go where.
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I received the new fan & thermal paste they even included what appears to be the tape to secure the fan to the copper pipe.

Strangely the old fan hasn’t been noisy for the last couple of days hence I say failing so it hasn’t completely failed.

Should I wait till it gets noisy again? Also temps. Are still normal. I do tend to procrastinate.

^Install stuff: first I’ve heard of a thermal pad, I expect I can identify a pad by it’s appearance it won’t look like paste?

Good tip on the rubbing alcohol.

thanks for advise.
I kept using the LT fan actually it stopped making a constant noise, temps where normal. I just had to attempt installing a new fan when I knew I would mess up those tiny flimsy ribbon cables.after about 10-12 hours of video it started shutting down and was hot underneth did'nt want to restart, doe's the vented part of case where the speaker are need to be open for exhausted air? I had a piece of paper covering most of this section.

btw ebay sent the wronge fan. the original fan didn't appear dirty must have been the bearings.

I write this on a brand new windows 10 LT which I'm not impressed w/ the learning curve where all the terminology is changed & rearranged to make it appear new and improved where I'd prefer a downgrade back to win7 mainly for media center.

I was able to reinstall all but 2 ribbons I bent the pins on the mobo, maybe a PC tech. can straighten they are so small even w/ a magnifying glass, I don't see myself replacing the mobo.
I'm now considering a windows 10 LT w/ windows 10 & adding windows 7.I read it can be done w/ a 500gb OS drive. I like the portability of LT when I travel, watching movies & programs during travel.

since I'm browsing 10-12 hours a day the last couple years this w/ videos at 1.5 speed, I probably should have a PC just like my TV PC I use a PC as a DVR to record my programs. I don't want to browse on my TVs PC.

or I can get a used win7 LT on ebay for travel.

I'm thinking I can salvage the OS SSD, RAM memory 8GB ,screen (maybe the CPU or are LT RAM & CPUs only for LTs) which isn't used much at home I connect to a monitor.
what do you Guys think build a PC for browsing I feel very comfortable plugging in SATA cables & larger cables in the PC.
thanks Guys for support
Getting Windows 7 on a Windows 10 LT will be quite a challenge because Windows does not have the drivers you will need and you won't get any Windows 7 drivers from the manufacture either. "Officially" Windows 7 is no longer supported and manufactures are not interested in helping you. Building a new desktop is a good idea but currently at this point in time it will be more expensive because lack of parts available to us commoners. You might want to consider getting an identical LT like the one you had and then use the old one for parts. You might find one on Ebay.
yes you make alot of sense. seams like my best option is used LT for travel like you link to and PC for home browsing.

I have a long list of dislikes w/ win10

looks like I can still get a decent win7 PC for little $.

they seam to have a i5 CPU or is that the name of the dell PC? 160GB HDD, 4GB ram seams like a good deal w/ 1 year warranty.

they say they have 24/7 support been waiting since early Saturday for a response on which version of windows7 they have, I believe I need minimum of home preium or better pro to have media center included, there listing just win7.
I was hopping the drop down box was to small to type home premium.
I could get a decent power supply & a OS SSD & have a nice browsing PC. then get a win7 LT for travel 2 PCs slightly upgraded for the price of this new LT around $340.

I would install a OS SSD in both cloneing the original win7 HDD and it's drivers.

I've wasted enough time w/ win10, can't seam to find start menu, or programs which are now apps in settings, win10 is relentless on giving me office word for 1 year that expires march2-022.

what do you think of my plan?

when I slitely bent the pins on my LTs MOBO can I good PC repairman still attach the ribbon cable?

since the LT didn't want to reboot after getting hot, untill next morning the second day it got hot after another 10 hours I probably burned up the CPU making it a none working LT & not worth investing any $ into? thanks
Eventually.... you'll have to upgrade to something. But who knows what kind of excrement M$ will expect you to use in the next couple years? Windows 7's days are already expired and like Windows XP you will not be able to surf the net because of compatibility issues. Windows 10 will expire in 2025 but you could still use 7 off line for older software compatibility. You could check out a newer desktop from places like PC Part Picker for making your own build.
With a newer build you'll get more life time from your desktop with Windows 11 and beyond (hopefully?) It's just that prices are higher today.
I didn't know XP machines can't surf the net. when do the PC guros expect win7 to be obsolete for surfing? I remember when buying my 2nd LT (XP) the salesman at frys insisted I get the 64bit operating sys. BC the 32 will be obsolete in a year,(not exactly the same senioeo w/ OS) not sure if he was speculating or read that somewhere ,he probally just made that up to pad his commission.
you are right though about M$ that's how they make there $ basicelly force you to buy more.
I'll give win 10 some more time however I don't forsee keeping it.thanks
Popular browsers like Bing, Chrome and Firefox do not support XP. Of course you can and some still use XP for their software. Windows 7 will follow this same path, I Have no idea on how long that will be. FYI: I'm currently using Windows 7 too. I have a download of Windows 10 to install and I even have a new 500gb SSD to install it on... Just can't bring myself to install 10.
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