I think the CPU cooling fan is failing


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I think the CPU cooling fan is failing

Just the other day I started hearing noise from my older windows 7 lap top

Acer aspire 5742 had it since 2009.

Initially I suspected the SSD bc that’s where the noise & vibrations where coming from.

However SSD hasn’t mechanical parts.

Over the years when I observe higher than normal CPU temps. I’ve blown compressed air into the intake & exhaust of fan then vacuumed seamed to do the trick bc I’v never heard any noise from this LP.

The noise isn’t constant comes on more the larger the CPUs load little load it stops for a tad.

Anyway it mite be time for me to disassemble clean fan and where it contacts then oil fans shaft.

I think the lack of oil on fans shaft is creating the noise or doe's dried up thremal paste also create noise?

What type of thermal paste & fan oil do you Guys recommend.

I hate to speculate the fan is creating the noise but what else could it be? LT still works excellent plus it has media center which newer LTs don’t have.

Additionally the first 10 years the LT was used maybe 2 hours per day w/ very lite loads.now since fake news I rarely watch TV on my TV mostly watch net on this LT or my other PC.
edit: I looked in bios didn't see anything fan related or fan speed.

The last 2 years has been extreme loads sometime 2 videos playing at same time uasally 10 hours per day.

Thanks for advice.
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Generally the only things that make noise in a computer, assuming everything is electronic such as the SSD, are fans. Sometimes transformers can buzz due to loose laminations but, as I say, by far the most common source of noise in computers is fans when the bearings start to go. It should be easy enough to determine the source of noise and fans are reasonably cheap to buy and easy to install. Most, if not all, computer fans are cheap chinese junk. Don't bother oiling anything if it is a fan just get a new one and fit it........Fake news, you don't think that the news you get online isn't fake????
Hasn't this laptop really been maintained or even cleaned in 13 years? Madness.
There are no fines for laptops that can make a sound in any way.
When it comes to lubrication and lubrication, these fans should really have bearings / bushings that don't need lubrication, but that's not really the case. And the only oil that fits in is the most common silicone oil. And don't really use anything else. The only thing that is still suitable if this oil is not really is genuine and pure Vaseline.
However, you may be entitled that after such a long period of operation without any maintenance, this fan may be permanently damaged and needs to be replaced.
In this case, the ends of its motor shaft must be dull/matte. It can be seen with the eyes. However, if they are shiny, everything is still fine.
never really did anything except compressed air, was concerned I'd break a ribbon cable or something inside that fragile. it's alot differt than a PC in a case.
been watching videos to get my confidense up.now I'm ready Kalju I'll inspect fan for shinyness then report back.

hows this look for a replacement?

thremal paste

not seeing oil just incase the fan is still good would household ballistic oil be good enought?
thanks for advise
Thats an awful lot of dollars for a chinese fan, they are all chinese. Have a look on Ebay. I have just seen a couple or three on Brit Ebay for around 5 or 6 Brit pounds. Yeah I know not dollars but with the exchange rate as it is I cannot see American Ebay being much different pricewise. Oil for the fan, sewing machine oil or any thin oil.
I've oiled the fans on a couple of laptops before, you can get a year or two more out of it depending on several factors.
1. how worn the sleeve bearings are
2. the type of fan and it's accessibility. By that I mean that a lot of older laptops had fans that were accessible. You could open the case, remove the fan (you'll need tiny screwdrivers such as jewelers type of screwdrivers) They have screws that hold the backside onto the fan's frame, usually 3 or four screws. To remove the entire fan assembly you'll need to cut the tape to the heatsink that holds the fan to it. Once you remove the side cover on the back side you can simply pull the fan blades off the motor shaft, it is held in place magnetically. Clean the fan and its assembly, and as long as you have the heatsink fins exposed you can blow those out too. Be very gentile because this is old plastic and fragile. Add a drop or two of light machine oil (sewing machine oil that you can get at a fabric store) to the shaft. Re-assemble and see how it goes. On newer laptops the fans are hermetically sealed in place (glued) and they are not serviceable...You'll just have to replace the entire assembly.
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Pete #1 I just did a quickie search haven't ordered yet.the reason I choose to post the $20 fan is BC the acer aspire 5742-7645 has like 30+ fans for the acer aspire, take a look at the link I posted.at least they catagorized each fan for the model #.
ebay here isn't really catagorizing.then they have a clause at the end saying to remove and match what a joke match the real fan to a image on the net.
can you search ebay for my model? thanks for tip on sewing machine oil.

joeC yes removing the fan will be involved but doable BC it's not glued in. I'll have to remove alot of stuff. one video the man removed ssd & ram I believe I can leave the ram.
I must remove keyboard the plate under KB the ssd the rear underneth plastic botton and all the ribbon cables, this is where I'm concerned w/ breaking those tiny cables.
I do have a jewerly small screw drive and a slitely larger screwdriver which I plan to gently dissconnect the ribbons connects.

lastly I see the thremal paste in syringe I picked (mainly picked amazone BC the $6.50 added to my cart gets me free shipping) but no spatula is included or they aren't pictureing it. is the spatula essential?
thanks Guys for advise
makes no sense. If your going to replace the fan your going to have to take it apart anyway. You should not have to remove the cpu heatsink on the cpu to replace the fan? If you want to replace the thermal paste anyway then remove the heatsink, clean up all the old stuff with isopropyl alcohol. add about about the size of rice to the center of the cpu, it will squish out once to bolt it down. Pop the heatsink back on and it torq down in a 1,3,2,4 bolt pattern.
glad I did'nt order the amazon paste JoeC I believe the heat sink must be removed to remove fan I obvserved on ytube vids the fan being connected to a tube that bolts to the cpu.
found this https://www.ebay.com/itm/172258375072?hash=item281b6635a0:g:xQoAAOSwPf1ehErq
it even comes w/ thermal paste my model is 5742 -7645 this seller only publishs the first 4 digits, waiting to hear back from seller if this will fit. I decided just to replace or will decide when I observe the shaft for wear, if it looks good then use sewing machine oil, and keep the fan for spare.

I'm still using the LT yesterday for the first 2.5 hours fan didn't make any noise weird. then and now it's noisie again.
I have been keeping a close eye on cpu temps, I say out of about 10 hours use #one core did reach 80C very breifly maybe 2 seconds
core #0 max to 79C definitely don't wanta ruin cpu over a $10 fan.ss of cpu temps.
thanks guys for advise.


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It varies with many different manufactures and even with different model numbers as to the fan removal. I always used MX4 thermal paste but I see now that Arctic has come out with an MX5 too. For just a one time use you may be better off just using the stuff you get with the fan from ebay.
Edit: That fan does bolt to the cpu cooler assembly so I'm wondering if you can remove the bolts to the fan, cut the tape and pull the fan straight up. That pipe only connects to the heatsink itself
I agree that it is a good idea to replace the TP on the cpu and gpu as long as you have it opened up.
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