q6600 core temps

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I have the q6600 running at 60c idle and load 74c - 85c

this is while playing games etc i have been doing this for the last year do you think this is okay or do you think the CPU will die very fast

also the CPU is overclocked to 3.6ghz , Zalman 9700

temps takin with CPUID
Those temperatures are definitely too warm for normal day to day use.

It is preferred to keep the CPU idling 40C and below, while load temperatures below 70C.

It won't die very fast but it's average lifespan compared to an adequately cooled CPU would decrease by a few years.

You say it's overclocked, maybe your vcore is too high.

Or the ambient temperature around the case is high. You can also try cleaning the case and heatsink of dust. Or reseat the heatsink. Or even get a better heatsink. Zalmans are not really good at high end air cooling, in my opinion.
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