I’ll never dissassmble another LT again


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I’ll never dissassmble another LT again

Acer 1 mainly used as a work station VGA cable to 27” TV worked great since 2009. then I started to observe higher CPU temps(this model has been know to collect dust and overheat the CPU) during this last summer. So I just had to try to disassemble clean dust and install new fan.must have boogiered up a terminater.Acer1 won't power up.

Next parts LT Acer2 needs new screen. After watching the video’s it seamed so easy just one terminater, unlike Acer1 complete disassembly just for a fan odstrude. Anyway after receiving Acer2 I was reluctant to dissemble an used the TV as a monitor.

I just had to try like a had a working screen from Acer 1.it's only one terminater what could go wrong. I was also thinking if by chance I messed up the screen terminater the LT would still function w/ no screen (even a fautly screen) I was wrong. Acer2 would’nt work w/ screen disconnected.

Now I have Acer 3 working LT minus OS drive,battery & brick power supply I have all this stuff so Acer3 makes sence.

?1.All this said why won’t Acer2 work w/ out a LT screen connected, and just use a external TV as monitor?

?2.currently Acer3 screen is turned off using TV as monitor. Just tested Acer3 web camera it won’t turn on. I’m thinking the web cams wiring is part of the screens wiring, so web cam won’t come on if LTs screen is turned off?
just switched displays turning on LTs screen still no web cam.

?3. another observation Acer3 screens display seams real dull picture not much diffenition.and I have it set to it's highest resolution.1366x768

Here’s the error message, No video capture device was detected on your sys. Thanks for advice.
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