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Despite it being quite a few months before the expected release date, we already have plenty of news about Alder Lake, including from Intel itself.

As mentioned above, Intel says the system-on-a-chip (SoC) will combine high-performance and high-efficiency cores into one product. The company also speaks of "a significant breakthrough in x86 architecture", suggesting it will be able to overcome some of the compatibility issues suffered by existing ARM-based CPUs.

It will still be based on the 10nm process, although this will be an improved version of Intel's existing SuperFin technology. Intel is expected to move to 7nm from 2022 onwards. Alder Lake wasn't the company's announcement at CES, so the only other official news is that there will be "faster transistors".

Do you think it's worth waiting and buying?
I see many people say it is not worth waiting, can wait for 7nm intel!
"Many people" are basing on assumptions of rumors over tech that isn't to be assumed over because it doesn't exist yet in the desktop space. The hardware scheduler and performance seem promising on paper but we won't know for sure until it's independently reviewed for use case.
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