NFTS or FAT32 with Win98 as OS n 2nd drive??


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I have a PC with two hard drives. One running XP & the other just for storage. I have thought about putting Windows 98 on the second drive & using it for the OS (after using F8 as at boot up & telling bios to boot into that drive) as one or two of my apps don't work on XP. Both hard drives are NFTS. Will 98 work on an NFTC hard drive or will I need to convert it to FAT 32?


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Comparisonman said:
You will definitely need to keep it at FAT32.
One word of advice, If you already have xp running, it is a really badddd idea to install any OS older than XP. When you boot, it will have a corrupt file like systemd is missing on the XP partition. The bootstrap loader will not know what to do. Be cautious my friend.