Full sized Keyboard will sleep PC Hand held KB won’t sleep


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Full sized Keyboard will sleep PC Hand held KB won’t sleep

This PC Win7 is used for a TV DVR so I really like a small hand held KY however It won’t allow me to sleep PC like the full sized KY does.

What I do w/ both is

Windows button

Cursor right

Cursor right to sleep


Weird both high light the same functions on each click. But only the full sized kb allows sleep.

Here’s the Logitech full sized KY just to heavey for hand held use.


Here the small KB


I don’t watch much TV at all since the fakery. I do admit I have a couple shows I still watch. What I dislike is when the power goe’s off so does the PC. The PC must be in sleep mode to be prepared to turn on at the scheduled time. So like yesterday when power went off I pyhiscally turn it on but d on’t want to turn on the AVR an TV on to put PC back in sleep mode then turn around an turn TV off which wears out the TV.

thanks for advice
Running Windows 7 can lead to issues with newer hardware? I had a heck of of a time finding a driver for a Topping D30 DAC that is native for Windows 10 but not for Windows 7.
There are options in the Device Manager and also in the Power Settings (USB or Wireless) that might be worth checking into for this particular KB
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