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hi guys new on this computer things. i would like you to explain me this thing, maybe easy to undersand but confuse for me. here it goes

40.0GB UDMA100 7200rpm

Barracuda 5400.1 40GB UDMA100

DiamondMax Plus8 40GB UDMA133

Buffer Size 2 MB

ok what i dont get is what is UDMA100 or 133

What is Buffer Size 2 MB i have seen 8 mb is that better

and on this one i guess 7200rpm is faster than 5400

i have a Asus A7V333 not ask me about bios coz i have no idea how to that, i have try but to complicated. and i am using win xp pro sp1

Looking for a fast hard drive coz my current one is 2 slow is a Segate 60Gb 5400 rpm, and its takes to long to load xp and the the pc is a bit jerky.


Asus A7V333

AMD Athlon XP 1700+

Segate 60Gb 5400 rpm

GeForce4Family Mx-440 W/64mB DDR W/Tv-Output.

512mb ddr pc2700

can u guys explain me all that or what hard drive should i get to get some speed in my life..

UDMA is definitly faster, but with that setup you should be having jerky speeds.

Have you gone through and removed uneccesary files from your PC and run a Defrag?

BTW, the normal Defrag utility that Xp has is crap. Download Diskeeper. You WILL see a speed increase.
UDMA is definitly faster, but with that setup you should be having jerky speeds.
whats wrong with the setup??why should i do not to get jerky speed?

so ok according to asus webpage my motherboard supports; IDE Ports 2 x UltraDMA/133/100/66

so it should be ok with a UDMA133?

by the way i am looking for a 80gb or a 120gb hard drive i know that i paste the 40gb but that was only for the status. Any good 80 or 120Gb that i should buy, or whats the best hard drives, Segate/ Maxtor/ Western Digital / IBM/ ETC...?/

relation to diskdefrag i have try the one that comes with OS plus norton utilities, and diskkeep lite but the speed doest change.
i have no virus and i use Ad-aware 6.0.
Seagate HDD's are reliable, and in my history of using them I have NEVER had one fail on me.
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