New Hard Drive Docking System problem


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I bought a new Tccmebius Multifunction HDD Docking Station Model TCC-S868 from Amazon. My old Dell computer running Windows 8.1 was acting up, freezing and shutting off in the middle of a task. It was many years old and I thought it was time for a new computer - I bought a new Dell running Windows 10. Prior to switchng to the old Dell, running the 8.1, I bought an Iomega docking enclosure to put the previous Seagate hard drive in and use as a remote drive. No problems occered allowing me to read everything that was on that older computer's hard drive. This time, for the switch, I did not buy an enclosure but instead a Tccmebius Multifunction HDD Docking Station Model TCC-S868 from Amazon. I unwrapped the new docking station and plugged everything in including the hard drive I took out of my Dell 8.1 . It simply shows up as a new F Drive as I expected. Problem is, that not all of the files, folders and photos, that I know that were on the hard drive right up to the moment that I unplugged the computer the final time and removed the Seagate , do not show up on the drive now and are not accessible through the docking station. Is there something wrong or am I missing something? Thank you very much from a new member :)
Since that same HDD was acting up internally, I'd advise to test it it might have died?

What kind of connection do those docking devices use? If the HDD is bigger than 2TB, check if the non functioning one supports reading more than 2TB.

If it's USB, try different USB ports. Happened to me once that I had to use a different USB port for the external docking to run the HDD.
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