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I have a 500GB internal hard drive from an old computer, trying to convert it to an external hard drive.

This Hard drive; 300Gb partitioned to Windows C: and 200Gb partitioned to Linux F:

I utilized Windows Disk Management tool and deleted the entire 200Gb volume F: drive for linux to free up space, instead it deleted the entire drive and windows does not detect it. It does not even detect it as un-allocated space.

Now, my PC only reads 300Gb. I did a Disk Clean and still, it only detects the 300Gb.

I tried downloading and installing Paragon Linux Reader and it does not read it.

Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you
You can use a third party like Ultimate Boot CD. You can download the .iso and burn to a bootable disk or make a bootable USB.
Under the HDD listing there are several apps you can use to wipe the drive and start with a clean drive, it will have to be formatted after you wipe the drive.
Edit: you can use your own or other apps to burn the .iso to a cd disk, I use iso burner myself....
Rufus will let you make a bootable USB drive
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