PCI-E question


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Well the 60MM fan finally broke (the case of them is always so flimsy) So I did this with a 3" fan and cardboard


Temperature at idle


Temperature at Fortnite main screen.


I saw how the cardboard nearly covered all three heatsinks so that got me to thinking.

Why can't I have someone take measurements and 3D print a box that will fit over the three heatsinks and use a single 3" fan to blow air over all three heatsinks.

Would that work or will it not force enough air through the CPU heatsink given its fins are closer together?

Also the 3" fan is quieter.

Now for the second computer I moved it into my building to use for live streaming. It currently uses a USB ethernet adapter as the motherboard Ethernet ports no longer work.

The first computer has two ports so I simply used one for the main ethernet from the modem which is in the house while the computers are in the building and the second port goes to the other computer. I simply had to set up bridging and both computers have ethernet without having to buy a switch. However I do not know how much if any resources that uses from the main PC so I don't know how it impacts Fortnite. However that is temporary though as I didn't have the extra for an unmanaged network switch this month.

That gives me a weird problem though.

The upload speed on the main PC is something like 1.5Mbps however the upload speed on the second computer is 10Mbps and I don't know why. At least the upload speed is high where I needed it to be though.