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I'm using rEFInd to make a 10 year old PC boot to a NVME drive in a PCI-E X4 slot with a PCI-E to NVME adapter.

Anyways I have the bootloader on a thumb drive, but I want to put it on the SATA SSD.

I tried copying the thumb drive partition to the SATA drive, but that crashed Mini Tool Partition Wizard.

I tried copying the files to a partition on the drive and setting it just like the thumb drive, but it wouldn't run the bootloader.

How can I get rEFInd on a SATA drive?

If I cannot then is there another EFI bootloader that will work on a SATA drive?
I think your going to need to use a main board that supports UEFI Bios. Your not stating any info about your board to help you, other than it is 10 yrs old.
The board doesn't support UEFI, however that's what the bootloader is for.

Runs a driver so the EFI drive is supported.

I just need rEFInd on a SATA drive so I can free up a thumb drive.
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