New fans...what do you guys think I should do?


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OK, my computer has always been a bit warm, so I hope to cool it off a bit with some new fans. I purchased 2 Thermaltake fans, an air duct, and a 60mm to 80mm converter for my heatsink.

My first plan was to have both fans connected to the duct. Go from the processor fan to the back of the case where a fan there would be pulling in some air.

However, another idea I got was to go from the processor to the case with only a fan on the processor itself. Then replace my rather crappy fan in the front to pull in more air.


Tommy Boy

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first of warm is your case? and what processor are you running?
I would think that if you get a fan in the front pulling in air, and at least one fan on the back exhausting air, you should be fine. as long as you get some decent airflow going through your case you should be fine. and if you want to cool off your processor some more, I would just buy a new heatsink/fan rather than a fan adapter, a good hsf is the Thermaltake Volcano 12, I have this and it works great and you can set it up different ways to suit your needs, for instance, I have it set up as automatic, in which you install a thermal probe underneath the cpu which detects the cpu temp and adjusts the fan on the heatsink accordingly. I have 4 fans in my case right now and it keeps my motherboard temps down to around 24c and with the volcano installed my cpu runs no hotter than 35c even under load