Is Crypto making a comeback? I better grab a new graphics card if it is.


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Is the crypto market making a comeback? I need to think about replacing my aging RTX 2070 with a newer card. I wasn't going to rush into it, but occasionally on the news I hear about crypto being up. I've held off spending the money on a new card in the past because of the high prices when the cards finally started appearing again. I don't know if now is the time to buy or if I can get a better deal if I wait. If the GPU market dries up again due to crypto, I'll continue to be stuck with my old card.
Hi Fartblossom :lol: , I would personally update your graphics card rather than wasting your money on a new one. You can update patches through the NVIDIA Security Bulleton website. Please look for your version RTX 2070 and apply the patch from there and your system will remain secure. I will leave this information for you incase you still need help.
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