Music Album burnining problems

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All Seeing Eye
I've bought a Israeli Album (I won't say the name, cause you surely don't know it), but when I tried to burn it, it writes that this cd is protected.
You see, I can listen it on a Stereo Machin, but when I try and listen to it with the computer, I looks like this:
<file> autorun.inf
<file> player.exe
Now, the autorun opens the player program, which will let you listen to the album with a computer, but it ain't on any audio way.. I'm not sure how I can burn it.
I've tried Nero, but this program sux and legal protects, but then I've tried Clone Cd. When trying to do a Cd Copy on Clone Cd it writes that 'A Cue sheet can't be made becase there are more the one session". I said what the hack, and decided to burn it 'Copy on Fly'. It seems to start, but all the tracks (how he recognized any tracks, I dunno) are 'failed to be burned' or 'time out errored'... This protection is damn weird and I'm not sure what to do..
I thought that if this cd is sessioned, then I can simply desession the cd for the tracks session, though I'm not sure how to do it..
Any help would be most appreciated!
thanks alot m8s.
When i come across cds like this i normally use a program called audio grabber and rip all the music files to my harddrive. Then in Nero create a new audio cd with the files on my hard drive.

Does anyone else know if there is a more simple way? Cause i would also like to know;)

BTW: azury cheeck your PMs;)

Hey Chopper, check your PMs :cool:
And thanks for the info, though I'm too lazy and have too many things to do right now, so If you know where I can download this it will be appreciated! if not, I'll search for it tonight.
Thanks alot m8.

Btw... You do know I'm only 16.4 old... right..?
Hey hey hey!!!
thanks alot for the help!! :)
I managed to find the full program myself.
thansk alot you all, aspecially Chopper. You are a great man! :D
Hey m8s, problem isn't fixed! :blackeye:
Audiograbber couldn't rip it :( it wrote the ASCI or something like that ain't returning the sign, or something like that...
Now, I've tried ClonyXXL to try and find the protection, but it wrote that this protection is unknown, and it showed 6 sculls. I tried afterword burning it with CloneCD again, but it failed. Nothing was burnt at all.
Btw, ClonyXXL informed about the next 'protection' or thing 'round the cd - Illegal TOC and Bad Sectors.
Any help again, PLEASE???
thanks alot u guys..!
hmmm im not sure right now ill get back to you when i think of something.

In the mean time it would be great if anyone else can give any suggestions.

only thing i can think of is that the old <2.7x winamp had a disk writer output; thats if it can find audio files on the CD. that worked pretty good but creates full size .wav files (~1GB total for a full CD.)
i cant believe audiograbber wouldnt work tho.
actually you could try to rip a full ISO and burn that but if its multisession i dont think that will work either
10q, BeppoMarx, but what you suggested is not helping. I've tried making an image - impossible. it is not an old cd, it came out only the last month. and yes, audiograbber wouldn't work it too..
any other suggestions?
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