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More power to ya. Daily driving any Linux sucks balls IMO.
A lot of peeps use a *nix distro everyday and they swear they will never go back.
Windows and Mac are not the same and just not be thought of "Windows" as you would use a Mac. The same holds true for *nix. Some distros are designed for newbs and other distros are for the more savvy. I've used Ubuntu before and it is one of the most user friendly. One must find out how to use the built in package manager in order to get what they need. I agree that *nix is not ready for prime time when it comes to running games, but for audio and video it should reign much better. I'm sure if a hard core *nix user posted here there is a simple solution for this issue
A lot of basic functionality is just missing. We have a couple of nix boxes at work I have to deal with and for regular stuff it's just a pain. I can actually daily a Mac, but I have GUI complaints with it rather than things I can't do in a normal fashion. For what nix is for, it does it well. Being a regularly used computer for normal function? Don't think so. It's like the W11 context menu, 3 more things to accomplish the same thing.
Not sure how, But i had a major upgrade in Ubonto and it started talking to my google android tablet. It ripped the music and photos files right out. It didn't hurt the android one bit. I watched as it did its thing. It saw something and had a wine install as well as a few others. After all is said. Things started working more like i had hoped. Even the printer started working,( i checked). This computer woke up and is super fast!! Makes windows 10 look like it had a heart attack when this system took over. am sure other things will pop up to mess with my head but for now i am really happy if not a bit scared when it does things like it talking to my android. More to be learned...
Just a update, I have everything up and running It plays music, shows photos, Plays MP4 videos prints with the printer. Can download photos from my Nikon to the pictures file. It plays some of the games i like. Unless something goes screwy i have a good operating system. I'm sold!
Linux does have an odd naming scheme. Wine is a Windows emulator so you can use some windows software in linux, Like some games and possibly those music files. The printer driver for linux is called Cups I think, been a while since I played with anything *nix
Cups installed one evening and the printer started working right after that. It must somehow know what kind of software is needed when you start adding software from windows and then it lets you know what and then install. I plugged it in or downloaded from usb stick or dvd. What was really mind blowing was the tablet i have. I sometimes have every plug being used on my power strip. I will plug things into the computer and use its power supply to charge my tablet or maybe the phone. I was having issues with getting music to rip into the computer. When i plugged the tablet into the computer it all the sudden downloaded the music from the tablet to computer without me doing anything. It also found a few pictures that wasn't on my usb stick. I guess since the tablet is a chrome google thing, that it just was able to talk with the computer as they are supposed to be nix. I didn't loose anything from both units. My tablet had more music than my old computer did. Like i said, i am still getting used to this thing doing things that it seems to know whats needed in its system. I have been getting system updates around every day in the afternoon. Snap is always updating or asking me to turn something off so it could a update. I have not figured what it needs shut off so it can do its upgrade. More to learn i guess. Anyway have a good Thanksgiving if you're on this side of the pond!! Laters
Not sure whats going on right now. I get cursors freezing the screen and the only way to fix it is a reset. Seems to be getting worse. Another thing is Firefox is always loosing my sign-on and it causes google to need a reset too. I am begining to think that there is something wrong with the nix. Running the latest version of Ubontu and this just started Friday afternoon. I just hope i don't loose everything. and have to start all over again. Any of you have the same issues with nix?
Joe, Snap was installed with Ubuntu. I have my store. Also snap-desktop-integration. I also went into terminal to check things out as well. Everything looks in order. All say latest stable SO.. i am at a crosswords as to which way to go. I now have had the Firefox to freeze up this evening. The error message i get is "how many days" to update and it says that i need to close out all programs using snap. How do you shut down all programs that snap is using? That should be a fun thing to do!
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