MSI KT4 Ultra Processor Upgrade

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I have an XP machine running a MSI KT4 Ultra, APG 8x, 333MHz bus motherboard. The current processor is a Athlon XP 2400+. I've been searching for info on upgrade processors for this motherboard.

So far, I've found the Athlon XP 2600+, I saw an Athlon 2800+ I think will work, and a Barton Athlon XP 3200+ that also might work, but seems a bit questionable.

Does anyone else with a simular motherboard have any recommendations on upgrade processors?
I use to have the same comob! But then a fried my MSI (avoid putting fried components into a system at all costs!)

An upgrade to the 2600+ isnt even worth it, and a 2800+ is hardly worth it. I didnt really learn too much about AMD's when I had it, do you remember what the core was on the 2400+?
No, I don't. Properties just says an AMD Athlon 2400+ running at 2.0GHz. I'd like to get the 3200+ processor, but don't want to buy a load of new problems (not only am I not sure it will work, but user comments say it's a very hot running device. if I knew it would at least work, I'd be willing try it anyway).

The machine has been pretty much trouble free except for a small cooling fan on the motherboard needing replacement. I just figured processors for this board would be fairly cheap by now and thought I'd look around.
I dont think you would be able to run a 3200+. Even still, the socket on the board is a socket A. Do they even make 3200+ chips for a socket A?
Well than, that shut me up. But IMO I dont think it would even be worth it. Upgrade your MoBo and CPU, hit up the Venice.

But that is only for a 200mhz increase, not really much. But if you asre going to stick with that, I really dont see why it wouldnt work. And if it dosent, simply return it.
I've considered that, but it would probably require rebuilding the system from a formatted drive, and I just cloned the system to a new HD and it's running perfectly. I figured on doing a major upgrade when the motherboard died or the system crashed irretrieveably. If I can sweeten it up a bit for a couple of hundred by increasing the RAM from 1GB to 2GB, and bump up the processor speed, it will allow technology to evolve for a couple of more years before replacing it.

My concern is with it wanting a 400MHz bus. If you look at:

You'll see there's a 3000+ designed for the 333MHz bus, but I read elsewhere the 3200+ wants a 400MHz. If it won't run on the slower bus, or will run, but effectively be the same as the 3000+, I may as well just get the 3000+ and see how much overclocking it will handle.

If I can get a 10% or 15% increase for a mimimum cash outlay, I'm happy. In my experience, unless you're doing animation, film, or multitrack music editing, having the fastest machine on the block is worth bragging rights but little else. I have a Pentium 4, Dual Processor machine and a Dual Processor G4 Mac if I feel the need for a bigger hammer.
I went to the MSI website and looked up my board. It turns out the AMD Athlon 3000+ for the 333MHz bus is the end of the line for that motherboard. I decided to get one of those, and bump the RAM from 1 to 1.5GB. The existing 2400+ allowed overclocking from 1.9 to 2.0MHz, so I imagine I can get the 3000+ to overclock from 2.167 to 2.2, maybe even 2.25 or 2.5...We'll see.

In my opinion, a solid 10% performance increase for $175.00 or so is perfectly reasonable -- I've seen people spend a whole lot more for less.
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