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Hi all, I've been out of the game for quite some time, and never really knew that much anyways. I could use some help with deciding whether I should upgrade or start a build from scratch.

My Current system:
Mobo: Biostar T277B
CPU: i5-3450 3.1ghz
8 GB of ram
GTX 780

I plan on upgrading the 780 to a 1080 regardless, but am trying to determine if upgrading my processor and going to 16GB of ram is the way to go, or if I should start with a newer motherboard and get a new i5 or i7.

I saw on newegg that there are 6-core intel processors now (coffee lake I believe). Are 6 cores good for gaming? I am looking to max out Battlefield and current and future total war titles on a 1080P or 2K monitor.

Thanks in advance for any help

Edit: Here is a preliminary idea that I had. Please let me know what the better value is, and what (if any) performance increase I would see from the total overhaul build.

Upgrade idea:
Processor: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4RE7MX6513
Ram: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231568

Overhaul Build
1) CPU / MOBO combo - http://www.microcenter.com/product/...ition,-msi-z370-a-pro,-cpu-motherboard-bundle

2) http://www.microcenter.com/store/add_product.aspx - RAM

I have 2 SSDs, I heard there is a new type now. If that would really improve load times I would consider a recommendation there as well.
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I would get the 1080 for the time being and give it some time with your current processor. Unless you can get 16GB (or another 8) of DDR3 real cheap it wouldn't be too worth it to invest in the current platform.

The 8700k (don't get the 8086) is pretty much king but the 9900k and 9700k were just dropped and both 8 core on mainstream. The biggest issue with upgrading platforms right now is the price fixing on DDR4 currently. I don't see that changing within 6 or so months so that's up to you. It'd def be worth it to upgrade your platform but for now that GPU upgrade would be way better than the platform while you sit and decide.

Another option would be a Ryzen 2700x.
Thanks for the words of widsom, PP. I appreciate the response.

What is wrong with the 8086 if you don't mind me asking? I thought that deal from microcenter seemed decent, but again I really haven't paid attention to hardware since my last build. A quick google search is telling me the 9900K is going to be out of my price range, lol.

And I did mean to mention I'm not an intel fan boy or anything. I just thought they had the better performance. If an AMD processor and GPU are something that would be smarter for me, I am all ears.

Also looking for recommendations on a 27" gaming monitor, would prefer 2K but open to a nice 1080P.

Thanks again

Edit: How is this bundle?

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Microcenter isn't showing me your budnle deal prices probably because it's a store to store thing. I said that because the 8086 is an anniversary chip and is priced higher but the exact same thing as the 8700k.

The 9700k should be same price as the 8700k normally is once things normalize after launch.

Ryzen CPUs are nominally 2-10% slower which only equates to slightly less performance that's game dependent. That is right out of the box performance though, and tweaking with RAM can get it much closer. That scenario boils down to, is 2-10fps worth 200+ bucks to you. If you're shooting for 144-240fps gaming Intel would be your option but if you're not caring or going 1440p then either platform will do you fine.

For monitor, what are you looking for in a monitor first. There's a lot out there now.
Thanks for explaining that all to me. At microcenter the AMD 2700X is only $50 cheaper than the 8700K. At that price differential, would you be more inclined to say the performance increase is worth it?

In terms of a monitor, I am looking for something that will run battlefield and total war well. I want something that has a nice picture with minimal backlight bleeding. I think I want 2K, but might be able to be talked down to 1080P if you believe the difference is nominal.

Thanks again
The difference on Amazon is over 75 bucks and the 2700x has a cooler in the box. Up to you.

Well you're looking at pricey stuff if you want an IPS display other than the basic 1440p 60hz stuff out there. So I guess it all depends on if you want like 144hz, HDR, low response time, all that jazz.
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