windows can't recognize MTP device (mp3 player)


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my brother just got this new mp3 player that is a "MTP device" is made my centon and is the 2gig model. It seems to work fine and functions when i turn it on, but when i got to add music to it (plug it into the usb port) windows tells me that there is a device that has just been pluged in(found new hardware) and knows that it is some kind of MTP device, and then it tries to find some software to recognize the mp3 player but when i search nothing comes up..and it says that there was an error with the installation or somthing like that.

We tested the mp3 player with her laptop(who was also using windows service pack 2 with updated media player) and everything worked fine, it gave her the option to put music and files onto the mp3 player.

Also i need to add that I think we have windows updated and I did search for some drivers off of and i think i found some but still nothing works.

Please I really need some help!
Thanks in advance.


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hey man this is exactly what was happening to me with my creative zen v plus, first i cursed out creative for making a bad mp3 player, but then realized that it isnt the player but its windows.

first, do check whether the mp3 you have gives you the choice of switching from an mtp device to something else and make sure that its set to mtp device and not a mass storage device or something.

if this isnt the case then reinstall windows media player, wmp is horrible and it randomly decides to stop recognizing mtp players, so just reinstall wmp 10 and see what happens this should fix it.