tips on connected home devices (blluetooth on windows etc)


Daemon Poster
i remember back in 90s everyone was talking about how computers would make our life easier
25 years later the entire "easier life" part is just as stupid as it was in the early days of computers

what is the point of windows built in bluetooth?
its like 15 years behind every other bluetooth device.
im spending 30 minutes already trying to figure out how to set up a bt connection to my phone so i can EASILY share files between them
because it needs my confirmation every single file i want to send i have to go through a multiple window prompt in windows to accept the file from my phone and have to go through same multi window prompt to send file to my phone

bluetooth supposed to be one of the things that would make file sharing easy...
is there a way to set up some kind of drop box folder on pc and phone where i can simply drag and drop files to on both devices to send them to the other device or is it too much to ask from windows or android?
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