Is buying a new device but an old model a good option?


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I hope everyone is doing well.

First let me introduce myself ☺️

My name is Ghaeth Wardeh, a 35 years old artist and book lover. I am very happy to find this forum.

Yesterday I found acer swift x 14 (R7 5825U, 3050 (35 watt, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 512 GB SSD) at really low price when I was searching for a new laptop in a local store. But are the specifications of this device still considered good in 2023? Are there risks in buying old models?

I'm not crazy about getting the latest technology and I don't need a very powerful laptop. All I need to do on my device is browsing, writing, some work on the Affinity programs (hobby), and playing Pes 2013.

Have a nice day 😊
Greetings, Ghaeth
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