Wifi issues


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Omaha, Nebraska
I live with my sister, it is cheaper than us living alone separately, we are both in our 60's.

We have Cox internet & WiFi, no cable TV, the service is in her name.

We were having issues connecting, so she had a tech come out to see what was going on. He changed out the router/modem box because the one we had was an old outdated one. The tech showed us where we could find the access name and password on the bottom of the router/modem. The first couple of weeks went by just fine, then all of a sudden *I* could no longer access the WiFi, even though tapped on the WiFi name and entered the correct password. My sister can still connect on her phone & tablet but neither my phone, tablet, computer, nor my smart TV can connect.

All of our devices are android, with the exception of our computers (her laptop, my 2 desktops & my laptop, her TV & my TV).

Could Cox have somehow cut me off for some weird reason? I don't surf porn sites or any dangerous sites, I mainly surf sites that have to do with Linux, Raspberry Pi, SBC's, electronic project sites, security-related sites, etcetera.

Thanks in advanced for any ideas...
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