A few facebook issues (mac user)


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I seem to be hacked.


Cannot create a business page on fb.

My page seems to be hacked. (report a problem doesn’t works, I didn’t get any feedback for a while)

Error creating a new page on the Facebook

I am getting an error while trying to create a page in my facebook account.

Do not dare to create page: You have created too many pages in a short hour. Repeat the test later.

The thing is I haven't created any pages in a short hour.

Tried to clean cash, history, create new acc with email: aromanyeyev@gmail.com , use incognito , still getting an error

( the error happened after I created the page, (but from the app!).

I have a page “FairyCoffee” in the Facebook (

email: alexander.romanyeyev@gmail.com,

my problem is that I don’t see it between the options to connect it to the Instagram as shown on the page, what could be the reason of such error.

Looks like an access error,

what should I change to have access to it; to be able to connect page FairyCoffee to Instagram account?


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