Should I buy a faster modem despite WiFi bottleneck


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Hello, I have a 600-Mbps modem, but I can only get about 100-Mbps on my WiFi-connected devices (according to speed tests).

Does it make sense to upgrade to a 1-Gbps modem to improve the effective speed of my devices/computers? (For the purposes of this question, assume my ISP service is 1 Gbps).

I know that since my WiFi is the bottleneck, it seems obvious that increasing the modem speed won't make a difference. But I'm wondering if the increase in modem speed actually would help increase the effective speed of individual devices a little bit, since I have 5 computers consuming bandwidth at the same time (in addition to streaming/gaming devices, etc), so perhaps my WiFi router would be able to deliver somewhat higher speeds if the modem was faster. Or is the bottleneck factor so big that a very fast modem really won't make a difference at all in my case?

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If all devices are wireless then it effectively won't do anything as you'll be limited to the speed the wireless radio (and downstream devices) can provide/consume.


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Absolutely true, the problem is with your systems and their settings, but not with the WiFi system.
WiFi needs to be replaced when it is running at maximum speed all the time and it is visible that system can run faster, but it can't because it can't get so much info as needed. But as long as it never reaches maximum speed, it means that your system doesn't need anything more, because it just can't even use the available resources.
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