Wifi bridge across long distance (Can't run cable)


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Hello all,

At my cricket club we have decided to start streaming our games via an HD camera mounted on top of one of our sightscreens, approximately 100m from our pavilion; the camera has an ethernet connection. We are not in a position to run a wired cable from the pavilion to the camera for a number of reasons, not excluding the fact that the camera will move from game to game. We effectively need to use a directional antenna pair in place of a wired cable.

I have identified this WiFi Point-to-Point Link Kit as a potential solution to this issue, but would like a second opinion. Furthermore, if you know of any other solutions to this issue please do suggest them.

Many thanks
To be honest in this country we are severly restricted on the amount of power that wireless systems for streaming and connectivity purposes can emit. With these sorts of systems, because there is such a lot of factors that can affect the wireless signal, it might be better, although much more xpensive, to get a specialist company in to set such a system up. You might find that buying that equipment that you have linked to may not be up to the job. I would say it is a cheap piece of kit for what you are trying to do.
Thanks Pete, appreciate the honest feedback. I think at this particular price point it's worth trying, we're already able to stream data to a certain extent using bi-pole 2.4ghz antenna, so a 5ghz connection will be an upgrade regardless.
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