when is the liquid metal cooling coming out

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Does any1 know when the liquid metal cooling units will come out i know sappfire is the 1st company to put liquid metal cooling into their radeon X850 it's xt though line.

Liquid metal?? interesting. For a sec there I thought you meant mercury, but the site says non-toxic.

WOW, it sounds like I'd generate like, no noise at all since that basic design doesn't even have a fan. If it were under $200 I'd say I'd be worth it. :)
your right matt. Its actually not a metal at all. It is just a undisclosed liquid with a very high boiling point and a very high heat transfer rate. the name Liquid Metal is just what they are calling it to get your attention. It got mine...lol
Yes but I was saying If prices were low enough I think I would replace water cooling in the links it it compares its boiling point to water.
The Liquid Metal

The liquid metal has significant advantages over other single phase liquid solutions. The thermal and physical properties of the material give it the ability to cool extremely high heat fluxes. With its very low vapor pressure, the boiling point of the material is in excess of 2000°C. This provides the capability to cool extremely high power densities without the liquid-metal changing phase, removing power density as the limiting factor in cooling performance. The liquid metal is non-flammable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. As a metal, the liquid is both highly thermally conductive and highly electrically conductive. The thermal conductivity makes it ideal for heat removal and dissipation. The electrical conductivity enables the use of electromagnetic pumps to propel the liquid.
The Electromagnetic Pump

One unique benefit of liquid metal is the ability to pump this coolant efficiently with a silent, non-moving parts pump. The electromagnetic pump is located in-line with one of the fluid channels. It consists of magnets, a yoke and two electrodes, again ensuring the simplicity of the solution.

They use electromagnetic pumps to move the stuff so it is some what metal.I read somewere that it is a polymer metal mix.
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