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Nice. I got in the M801 and will probably be returning it or selling it. Decent mouse but it is the same size as the M720, and the M720 has the grips for both the ring and pinkie. The M801 has bump-outs instead of grooves. The M801 is matte plastic whereas the M720 has rubberized inlays for the thumb and pinkie which gives a much better grip. The side buttons are almost identical; the m801 is a tad taller than the M720 so its side buttons feel like they are a little higher up on the mouse itself. As far as looks the M801 has more lights on it but I'm not worried about that.


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2 gallons (5 liters each) of 70% isopropyl (with purified water) and a 5ml sanitizing gel. I've been looking for that with purified water only for some time now. All I found before was with other ingredients. Good for external use but not good for tools so I couldn't use it with utensils in restaurants, for example.