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I know this guy, who is from Australia. His first real name is James. I'm being regularly harassed and monitored by this creep. Well, I know he's the one doing the harassment because he was stupid enough to leave a trail of breadcrumbs years ago on a forum, posting photos of himself and a dog. Eventually, I came across his Twitter account. It's definitely the same dog and person in the main photo he uses. But while I don't know what type of dog he has, I'm 99.9% sure it's the same guy and dog in that picture as what he showed off in other photos. In fact, I'd ran into him on other forums as far back as 2004, so it's not a coincidence that I found his Twitter profile just from investigating his real name. Although this one IP address I got from one of his many Wikipedia edits when he was trying to mess up articles on there, is to do with a company called Spark in New Zealand. Unfortunately, they never responded to my emails and typing out messages to an assistant in live feeds didn't bring me any closer to having him dealt with. Therefore, I don't absolutely know whether he's in Australia or New Zealand currently.

This dude has been bothering me NON STOP since about July of 2017, but I knew him YEARS before that, because he was an administrator on a gaming site, known as "Capcom Central". He is (or was) also a moderator on "The Horror Is Alive", which is a forum about Resident Evil, and I think he writes for some blog. The link to that RE site was, but it appears to be offline now. The main forum he pestered me on was one to do with relationship advice, that had been abandoned. He would create accounts, and flood the forum all over with abusive statements, and among other things, frequently spam up the sections with images of faeces and transsexuals engaging in lewd behaviour. It got that bad, that the inactive owner pretty much disabled everything.

Anyway, this man is best described as being sheer Looney Tunes. And I do mean exactly that. He is an absolute nutter! From following me around like a lovesick puppy dog, to threatening to rape my underage nephews, he's a colossal moron.

All this guy does (and this is WAY creepy, to boot) is follow me around everywhere I go on the Internet. He has created so many accounts on forums and wikis, just to insult me or stalk me, as well as edit articles that I contributed to just hours beforehand. You know? It's these often poorly managed wikis that are hosted on Fandom, which was previously known as Wikia. I'm active on one to do with horror films. I'd made a list of every top ten and number one horror film released since 1922 (based on their gross), which is why I edit on it quite a bit. I've also added my filmography on there, and anonymous users keep leaving abusive comments at the bottom of the page. There's only one active admin, but he never responds to my complaints when I post on his talk page. He also reverted me when I removed information on pages that this wanker added that I knew was inaccurate, even though I've repeatedly kept him in the loop about what has been happening. This guy who is abusing me claims he doesn't even think I can act, so then what's the purpose of him doing this other than for attention?

This loser creates accounts, pretending to be a woman. Just about every other day, he edits his profiles to say he's a (insert job) in (insert country), only to change it the next day or change his avatar. He edits EVERY SINGLE PAGE that I do, even when I edit them with proxies in an attempt to remain anonymous. Contacting Fandom may be a waste of time, because he's just another IP address away from signing back up. Hell, I closed some accounts well over a year ago, and he went and edited every single page I did, because I viewed who the last contributor was on these pages prior to him, and it was myself. That's all he did, mind you, so he technically didn't break any rules. Although pretending to be something you aren't is arguably deceptive. No community needs that sort of user. He also has a funny habit of closing his accounts, just to make a new one thereafter. He isn't being banned... so I have to question why he even does that.

But it's not just that which he has done. He knows I've been an extra in films, which he says I pay my way into with my "retard checks". In real life, I've got a condition that is similar to Asperger's. This guy vandalises my IMDb page and my page on similar databases, and sometimes designs custom / fake posters for films using the images in their galleries, if they don't have a poster currently. I don't know if he's envious of me or what, but it's rather sad how he has kept this up for 3 years. And I also suspect he contacted a guy I met a long time ago, who directs Christian films, to say I uploaded his film to He's the only radge pot who follows me around, so it was likely him that did that.

He also creates pages to do with every little person involved with the films I'm in, although these are just low budget indie films that you'll likely never bother to watch, nor even search for yourself. Like he goes making snub pages, saying such and such starred in, or such and such is a producer for, and it's almost always stuff I'm in, or pages I've just edited. Whether I'm in the movies or not, he's up my arse moments later. If he edits pages, I believe he gets automatically subscribed to them, so if anybody else edits them, he will receive a notification. Weirdo, much?

Since I'm an actor of sorts, I'm technically classed as being a "public figure" in a sense. So I cannot stop someone from following what I do as a career, or hobby, but I can get the authorities to intervene if I feel threatened. However, I don't add movies on IMDb while they're in the process of shooting, as I know he starts to Google who makes them, what Facebook groups they use, and so on. He also got my friend's address in Scotland and bothered him with takeaways, and fake Gumtree adverts. Well, that and God only knows what else.

I reported him to my local (Edinburgh) police, but they didn't do a thing to help me the half a dozen or so times I had them pay me a visit. They just gave me the usual, "You're better off ignoring him" malarkey, which is impossible to do.

In addition to this, he has a YouTube channel with some ridiculous sounding name. He is featuring himself in these videos (obviously disguised) and he plays around with stuff in his kitchen wearing gloves, or makes videos with references to things that only we will know about. For example, my family had a dog called Pepsi. He died last November, and this guy said I kicked the family dog. So he had videos of himself kicking or stomping on either a Pepsi bottle, or a can, and adding in growling noises. If this guy is actually an adult, well... f*ck me, is all I can say.

Any idea what I can do about him? When you try to send a report to the police in Australia, the online form won't go through if you state you're outside of Australia. This guy is a real pain in general, and probably terminally obsessed with messing up my life. He hasn't quit annoying me now for over 3 years. Every damn day, I see him at least somewhere. I'm interested in taken out a non-harassment order against him, if the police do catch up to him somehow.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I had to make an effort here to explain his antics and how this is affecting my enjoyment online. Maybe you've encountered similar trolls, and can offer up some advice...
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I know this thread is some near 3 years old, but he has refused to stop his obsessive antics.

As of late, he was placing delete tags on wiki pages at Fandom, because I was editing pages to do with my extra work in films. This basically flags the articles for removal, so if the people running these wikis deem these pages to be irrelevant, they will be expunged. He was obviously just doing that to be an obnoxious arsehole.

Apart from that, if you go to this forum here for people to gain anxiety support, he had created dozens of accounts just to spam all over the sub-sections, which has occurred since 2021.

Some of the aliases like "Grace Saunders" he just took from me, as I go by another name there. This Grace name is based on a character you play as in the Alone in the Dark series, so he has known me under aliases like that for a really long time. He has known me for decades now, because I have signed up to a lot of forums related to horror video game franchises.

He caught wind of the fact the forum has been abandoned. He previously did this moronic crap on too, as that site also had nobody around to maintain it.

To be honest, he's quite possibly the most ridiculous person I know online. Because imagine being 37 years old or whatever, and still behaving like this, all because of pointless melodrama that happened on the Internet as far back as 2004, for crying out loud.
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