Weird browser issues


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Weird browser issues
Been having issues w/ google chrome to the point it won’t even connect to net,
Explorer connects fine.

Switched to the new Microsoft edge at least I can connect to net. However.
1.can’t highlight text w/ the mouse I like to highlight words sometimes a whole sentence then seach/copy/delete ect.
Previously w/ google I could highlight w/ mouse.
Now w/ edge I’m reduced to a keyboard.even writing a word doc highlighting is a hassel.
Like I drag my mouse at end of sentence it will HL the word but won’t continue to HL the sentence.

2.when using the back button on a forum board edge takes me back to edges homepage
When I want to go back to the forums back page.
3.when adjusting settings at y tube is somewhat sparratic also.

basicelly the mouse has lost control highlighting.

edit I still use gmail so I go from edge to google homepage for gmail maybe this is part of the conflict

edit2 the go back button seams to be sorting itself out.
thanks STB
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This new Chromium/ Microsoft Edge browser works better than Google Chrome. Try a clean reinstallation, My spell checker works pretty good and when i was still using Google it was getting worse as time went. Been using this one for a couple of weeks now. Now, i need to make up a new email. Google works but with all the bugs out there, maybe its time to get another one.❤