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I've got two Vizio 24" HDTVs I use as monitors. Both connect to one pc VIA HDMI.

One is a little over a year old and the other is maybe a few months old.

The older one after a firmware update a few months ago has this issue. Sometimes when I turn the monitor off and back on again after several hours of it being off, any window opened on that monitor will be on the other monitor as though the one monitor was disconnected from the PC.

The newer one after a firmware update sometimes when I turn it on I can move a window around the screen and the top half of the window will move then the bottom half (the dividing line is the center of the screen) will move delayed from the top half. I can switch to HDMI 2 and back to HDMI 1 and that fixes it. Turning the TV on and off again doesnt fix it. This is also the monitor I had to adjust the vertical and horizontal size in NVIDIA control panel to sightly less than the TVs native resolution in order to not cut off the very edges of the desktop. However for awhile after a firmware update I could run the full size resolution until another firmware update.

Any idea what the problems could be?
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