Two questions {Dual OS's and Hard drive detecting}

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Ok well ill start with the first question i was wondering if i can run windows xp off my c: and windows me off my e: at the same time and how?

the second question is on my c: it detects my e: but when i run my e: it detects itself as c: when its running and doesnt see the real c:? the c: is winxp and the e: is win me

P4 2 ghz
512 ram
I think he was asking if he can dual boot ME and Xp, and the answer is yes.

Here is a link that will help youy do it:

Micro is right about the NTFS thing though. If me is formated as FAT32, and XP is NTFS, you will have the issue that you are experiencing, and its going to be that way unless you format your XP drive and reinstall it on FAT32
hmm well ya the HD with WinMe is Fat32 and the one with xp is NTSF and by the way whats does "Fat32"stand for and whats the difference between that and NTSF, and is worth changing my NTFS to Fat32 to make this work? What are the pros and cons of Fat32 and NTSF
FAT is the abbreviation “File Allocation Table” which is the table where the system keeps basic information for each file. The numbers 16 (FAT 16/ FAT32) or 32 indicate the numbers of bits, which are used to address the storage units. These are named clusters. NTFS uses 64 bits
alright thanks guy i just formatted the winme drive to NTFS and now i just use it for extra storage for WinXP
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