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i downloaded a program called spyware nuker. and ran it on my pc, and it found spyware on my pc, and the only way i can remove it is to buy the spyware nuker program. my question is , is it worth buying the nuker program to get rid of spyware on my pc? or just leave it alone.
ok i got ad adware 6 , and scanned my pc , i got 51 items , do i remove all of them or is there somethings i dont want to remove? i dont want to mess up my pc :)
I would delete them all, but be warned that some shady programs, ie. Kazaa will not work correctly if you uninstall their associations.

(That's why I use KazaaLite)
Adaware is the best. Ive used it for a long time.
hmm i heard that even in kazaa lite thiers a file "Cdclint.exe" or sumthen like that, that if u remove, kazaa will not work is this just sum ploy to get us to keep sum adware in thier or is thier truth to it?
You do have to have the file. Kazaa lite removed the adware code, but kept the file to keep the program functioning.
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