should i buy it?

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i am basicly just looking for a laptop to get on the internet and do a little photoshop nad flash, and play some counterstrike 1.6 (at somewhat low quality maybe?) so do you guys think i should buy it? i think its a good deal, but im not really an expert at this type of stuff

edit: i know its not high end at all, but im just looking for a budget laptop, and i will add more ram most likely

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256mb ram just isnt enough. ALthough, DDR2, still only 256. Id say check out a nice dell laptop.

Get 512mb in it, along with a Core Duo processor.

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yeah, don't use a celeron processor with using photoshop, especially flash. it has no cache, so you'll have a hard time doing simple tasks like so. what is your price range?
perfectSK gave you a great link to a laptop. save up for that.


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definitely stay away from the celeron and semprom section of cpu's when buying any computer. I'd go with either a AMD Turion 64 or a Pentium M of some sort, they look like they have low GHz but the way their desinged greatly out performs theire athlon or P4 speed equivalent.

I currnetly have a Acer 5002Wlmi with a Turion 64 1.6 Ghz and its all that i could need for general use. The Crystal Bright glossy screen is really nice for graphics design like photoshop.


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Hold on...a brand ne lappy for that price...Congratulations! You have found a laptop for me :D