Would it benefit me joining Discord chat groups?

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I've been thinking to myself that with how forums are just so very dead in this day of age, would it be worth the hassle to join any Discord groups for say, games talk? Should anybody know of any good ones, feel free to privately DM me the link, or links. Please don't submit them here.

One aspect I think I may like is privacy and better moderation, and shit not showing up on search engines. Although on Google, I did enjoy the subtle self-promotion for a while, until somebody harassing me got the top spot on there by repeatedly spamming pointless bullshit about me. After all, if you rant to make a point about something, and nobody knows about it, then it doesn't feel so rewarding or dare I say notorious to be making threads in the first place, I guess.

Usually on forums where the staff are more sincere (or strict), being an idiot towards other users would not be tolerated. But I just find that with how dead a lot of message boards are today, the lack of security or people in charge not giving a damn therefore enables some annoying faggot I know of to spam nonsense, or create accounts under my username, basically just to behave like a moron for to receive a childish reaction. Not this nickname I currently use on this forum. It's another name I go by. Although technically, "the Saunders child" is sometimes used in general statements and is not exclusively my property. But he obviously likes acting stupid because he's a mentalist, or whatever. Now he's just a boring subject in general, so I think I need to take the necessary measures to finally blank his ass.

To be honest, I don't see the point in bothering with Discord. It's about as exciting as instant messaging someone, so it's really not exciting at all. And social media outlets like X ain't that great. The layout is kind of ugly. In fact, you cannot even edit posts for typos, and I don't like the character limit hockum either. But I also don't like Facebook. It's definitely not very discrete on there, because they force you to use your real name in place of an alias when joining groups. Of course, I can see why that rule is there, but surely you don't want every creepy little shitbag John or Jane Doe online knowing stuff about you. And this is a problem on YouTube as well, because people can hide their subscriptions and waste their life tagging you, again just to act like a twat. It would be better if you could manually verify who is watching your content, as that troll I know never takes a hint. But Google has all of their services rigged, I think, and so I cannot even cancel the premium service I took up as a trial, because I forgot my log-in details, and my bank doesn't want to play ball and block the £12.99 monthly payment.

I don't know. It's just sad to see forums die off, because I see people elsewhere asking the same things, having gotten attached to some forums they felt didn't need to decline in activity, yet they just have. If people still love something, why do the respective websites about the topic get left to rot? I just can't answer that. But it's just a problem with idiots stalking you, communities online you previously liked just becoming a virtual graveyard because time took its toll on them, people being clannish or acting like ungrateful pricks, and whatnot. I'm to the stage now where I cannot be arsed with it.

Regards, from Library Ghost.
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