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I was employed in my first stint in job industry in bpo sector in india mumbai for start of my career, earlier i never knew what was happening in indian states. I had my first job in domestic telecalling in insurance sector locals citizen and rural urban people calling them selling them policies. Then i was invited to many big big unknown industries who already had capital and had over 5 lakh employed people, like british based shipping industry call center in powai big building riches owned by some white woman. Crisil i guess the name of the company where drinks , foodies are served like five star hotel stay people. Second company was taken over by MBA south indians groups of people is wipro company. So funny that their capital banks are inside their company rights, and not outside to local banks. So many people like a fair go these company and work their like walk in park life. So i just came across some comments made by ex senior employees working in as permanently in hyderabad, bangalore and uttar pradesh BPO sectors. So these people say that they have salaries of 26 lakhs rupees to 94 lakhs rupees per annum their company is giving them, and still they are saying that lifestyle standards are too high, and they can't manage to live to day to day expenses as rising prices in india. So i got some opportunites to go inside these companies alike BPO, and their on offer letters its written permanent employment promises and salaries of just 15k to 22k per months....and USA softwares and processes. So these people their trainers tutors and managers are just time passing, and their fellow people are just seen coming and putting ON their computers. And doing nothing all day. Hardly a call they anyone taking. The BPO processes are not even standards USA but some B grade kamptee level schooling 5 th standard children grammar they are expecting us to follow. Forget foreign accent programs or correcting grammars or hearing responses....but these people are now switching to chat based applet and joining indian businesses run by companies like ecommerce , paypal, HP computers indian customers, etc So these companies like say lenovo computers who have customers abroad, they have franchise sell out in indian too. So the parent company establishment with CEO , admin, accountants , customer support etc people are sitting somewhere else with licensed undertaking from indian government. And here call center business jobs outsourcing these other people jobs to take to themselves as third party people undertakings are now buying computers pc printers etc by their own capital. So productivity of their undertakings is like selling or customer support for hardware replacement say from screws of 2000 rupees to screens 15000 rupees fitting they are asking their customers across indian states. So productivity of these call center undertakings is seems just 2000 rupees....and weekly expenditure seems like 10 lakhs rupees for like buying expensive tv sets to cling on their walls for spending time in sessions. Then tiles on their floors, lighting electrical expenses, expensive big monitors, i3 i5 desktops, expensive high end laptops, printers high end too. So ten lakhs the manager finalizes every week signing, so calculating for a month say 25 lakhs rupees expended, and per year 240 lakhs to 400 lakhs rupees these have bank accounts taken from different different companies these people expend illegally. And profit productivity only 24000 rupees per year. So when asked why the employees never worked or why no foreign processes never were accomplishment? These might say they are children who belong to poorer families and they with slum dwellers team leader who organizes them every day....so they are comfortable in working with indian companies. So ten years have passed, these people have enjoyed so much every day, having meals, get togethers, foreign tours, etc. In ten years 3000 lakhs rupees these have expended, and with back up from dirty politicians, locals public and film people. So this is just for one call center building and calculating for another 20 to 40 BPOs running in this country. So without operating license how can these call center BPO industry can be allowed to work both as communications support and also as hardware suppliers as well?
So at some auditorium these people were celebrating centenery of their works, so these people had chief guests themselves only, slum dwellers acting as modest people, and saying things like- see our company made it to india business weekly with the most satisfied customers service across indian states. We minimized grammars mistakes a for apple, b for black, c for amcat, d for dosa.... and hence our children did the perfect work of 6th pass grammar english...
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