Question about installing graphics card


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Hi, here is my story.

I have a Dell Inspiron 530 that came with integrated graphics, and I am into the process of turning it into a semi-gaming rig. My power supply arrived today so I installed that with no problems. When I was looking around I saw one PCI express 2.0x16 slots, so I purchased a 4870 card from ATI. Now, installing it isn't going to be a problem, but I have a question about the integrated graphics already in there. Does integrated mean it's in the mobo or is it actually a card stuck into a slot somewhere? I looked for a bit but I didn't find anything that resembled a graphics card... When I install the 4870 and boot up my computer, how is it going to know to use the 4870 card and not the integrated graphics chip?


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The graphics chip is either a part of one or it's own chip on the motherboard. There is usually a setting in the computer's BIOS that will tell the computer to disable on-board graphics when it detects the presence of a discrete graphics card. It should work fine.