My graphics card is not working?


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My graphics card asus graphic card N13219 d33005 is not working. Its not detected while booting and show blank screen. I now have switched to onboard graphics of the motherboard. So i removed the graphics card and cleaned the connectors as well as the slot. But still the problem is coming? How should i repair my graphics card?
How should i repair my graphics card?
Obviously if your not having an issue with the gpu drivers ( ) then consider another video card to see if that is the issue?
There are options to see if the graphics card is overheating and such but popping another cheap used or borrowed card might help determine if that is the failure.
Your Asus GPU ID numbers do not show up from Asus. Do you have any better info on that graphics card?
What are your pc specs?
Isn't there anything you would like to suggest me like 'use multi-meter and test if the connectivity issue with the voltage resistance is correct or not?
As i tried another graphic card and it too gives blank screen on booting....
So perhaps the PCIe slot seems to have malfunctioned.
I looked for newer graphics card on and they are now sky rocketing prices high....
When i was operating over that failed PSU SMPS which was four years old, some chime i was hearing one beep sound....from time to time every other day when i was putting on the desktop. So the MOBO repairer was saying that there was some voltage drop which might had caused. So graphics card i do not know what happened....
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