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I work for the Information technology and service department at Guilford college.
We have been experinceing printing problems on our network since december 16th 2002 and I am woundering if anybody out there has had simular problems and or knows how to fix them
we are running a windows 2000 ms office network and are using HP and Ricoh printers and have been getting the following printer errors since december 16th of last year and are getting the following error messages repeatedly by students using the computers in one of our labs, and once the students use one of those computers they experince the problem on almost every computer on campus they log onto:
8.5x13, Excutive, Foolscap , A4 not loaded in tray
Resoultion not supported
This problem is not specific to any program
and we don not know what is causing the change in settings
so if anybody knows anything that could be of help please respond to this problem
So...What your saying is that the setting like Resolution and everything change when you try to print over a network?

Well, I really can't help you out right now...doesn't seem like enough info! So every program you use to print it does that? Sounds like to that it may be your network or printer settings but I'm not sure sorry to say! My 2 printers work with network between computers but I'm running a whole other O/S...hope you find help!
Sn'S has a point. We're going to need some more info to help you troubleshoot that.

Please briefly go over your network setup. I assume you're using a cable based star configuration. Do you have any wireless routers in this? What machine is the printer set up to? When a student gets the error the first time, you mentioned that it occurred in the computer the printer in the same room? etc etc. anything that might be helpful...please, post it.
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