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I was inside a call center of america run called teleperformance for some days in malad west mumbai india. There they trained us for a month or two and went on live chat support for Hewlett packard printers and laptop desktop support. So there many others were too employed chatting on for say last five years. So they had option for calling voice international too, but the wires were not connected. So only chat based customer support we were doing over a month. So for printers and laptops of the latest make version of HP computers....we were given the same options solutions to be provided for any problems the HP customers were facing issues, like some blank screen, or not booting or hanging virus infections or hardware failures. So first we had to say put on the wires and plug in your system and remove every other peripherals like we check on MOBOs. Then press the power on button for more than 9 seconds so that electrostatic discharge may be released from the mobo, and the system might start. Then second solution was disconnect all wires from printers laptop desktop and sit for a minute till powerON again LOL. Then third solution was to press keys windows plus B while booting power ON so as to restart recover the BIOS. And another option we were asked to give was windows key plus V key while booting power ON. Then to take customer to system recovery options and do malfunctions system checks and create a file for technicians to visit their houses offices for spare parts. Some customers were asking something else and still we need to provide these solutions only. Such pathetic is this call center experience. Then i was even ridiculed for asking a customer to open desktop cover and laptop back cover to clean the RAMs. So i was asked to leave....
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