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Has anyone heard of My Computer Career Certification Program? It's all about computers and there is no general electives such as calculus, Humanities or anything simular to that. Its all related to Computer Information science and this certification program offers, hardware, sever, Network, Desk Help and other training that prepares students for certification.

The on campus program allows students to enter the testing room when theyre ready. If the student passes the certification they ring a bell and everyone comes out of their class to congratulate the student.

There are online courses as well and the online classroom consist of instructors who conduct a seminar and students are required to work on labs after the seminar. Students are required to clockin and clockout just as if your employed to teach students relibility and willingness to make it to work on time. My Computer Career prepares students for employment and even conduct mock interviews.

I was thinking of joining the program. Fafsa and other types of student loans are available for anyone who is iterested in joining the program. It's a little pricy but it may be worth your time. I think it is one of the very few schools that allows students to obtain certification.

Please feel free to search using your favorite search engine and check out my computer cereer.
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