why is there still so many issues with lan minecraft (java)?


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i paid for 2 legit licenses for em and my kid after few years of pirating thinking that maybe the lan problems are due to minecraft being "free"
but after installing it on both of our NEW/different systems we still have same exact problems

in total i tried to play with my kid through lan (wifi) on about 10 or more different systems with same result

it doesnt connect
it doesnt show one or both pcs
it disconnects all the time
or only one pc sees the other and can only connect from one side of the lan

i uninstalled reinstalled updated and re updated everything on every single PC and through numerous combinations of everything
this sht is still not able to work consistently with LAN

all i can say is a very frustrating WTF microsoft. why is there still problems with the most basic and one of the most used and the most OG system of the windows...
i mean theres literally no errors to tell me why its not connecting and as far as i know theres is not any software that could tell me what the hell is the reason for any of the above problems
i mean the internet is filled with this same problem for years and years and yet microsoft has zero solutions to lan gaming in minecraft even after multiple updates to the actual game
Do you have the ports white listed in your OS firewall? Tried turning the firewall off? Are both systems connected to a "Private" connection vs "Public" (not saying a public wifi hotspot, I mean is your network classified as private vs public on the machines)? LAN discoverability enabled?

Does it work if you manually type in the IP:port of the host machine on the secondary machine and connect? Do you have a router/modem firewall blocking the traffic?
it works randomly
we are both at home the pcs are literally next to eachother connected to same network
one day it works next day it doesnt

sometimes only one pc connects to another sometimes neither one can find the other pc
other times it will connect and then drop connection
throughout last 3 years we went trhough 4--5 differrent setups total and there were always same issues regardless of setup
we play other games on same pcs and have no issues with internet connection
destiny2 is also notorious for dropping network but we rarely have issues with it
minecraft on the other hand is always sketchy af no matter what i do
everything is updated and re updated and re installed multiple times.
im pretty good at troubleshooting usually but with minecraft theres literally no way to check what is actually preventing us from lan connection
Its mostly lan issues
Like its the oldest part of the gaming and they still cant get it to work right lol
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