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Good evening,
I have what I think is an issue that others could benefit from and has likely been solved before but I cannot for the life of me effectively search a solution off the shelf.
I have a large, 70-80k square foot factory setting with a stockroom. One or two employees could be in a lot of different places throughout the stockroom. We have sap as an operating system. Customer service reps from anywhere in the world could create deliveries which will in turn print a pick list automatically to our stock room. I want to put a light high enough on the wall that employees could see it anywhere in the building. The light would come on when there is a job on the printer and would turn off when it's not OR have a reset button that the employee could hit when they take the job off the printer.
It's seems like it would need to be some sort of motion switch or optic eye switch or beam break...I'm not super technical, I just hope I've described well enough what I want and why.
Thanks in advance for the kind support and help!

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