My Stupid Brother!!!!

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My idiot brother got my steam account banned by vac. He told me today that he's been hacking lately, and was wondering why he couldnt join anygames i went to his computer(i didnt have steam on), and i came to find out he got my steam account globally banned on all vac secured servers. So now he get's to buy me over $100 in valve products. Sucks cus i have to do all of this ****ing downloading again.
Ya, i pretty much bought everything, when it came out.

My parents didnt believe in internet shopping then.
Weird, I have two Steam accounts with the same CD key.

I forgot my password on one, and then just registered cause I forgot my password to the email address the first one was registered too.
IF you bought the big half life pack thingy just register the cd key of blue shift or something. That will enable you to play all your games. Someone stole my steam account a few weeks ago so I had to make a new one and I just registered a different game.
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