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I am working for a licensed money lending company and we give out loans to individuals and small companies. I have been given the task by my Boss to migrate the current system into an IT solution. Currently each staff are writing all the information of the clients in a physical hardcopy notebook. When I joined the company a year ago I decided to create a basic excel file for myself where I will type all the particulars of my clients, for example their name, address, borrowed amount and I created a table where I would key in their monthly payments. We also need to take photos of the clients ID, bank statement and personal particulars. I decided to use onedrive and I created folders where I would label all my clients name and the pictures will be stored inside it. The excel file has come in handy because I am usually on the go and if any client were to call me, all I need to do is go into my onedrive account and open the excel file, search for the client name and I will be able to tell the client immediately what is their balance and how much do they need to pay.

Now my Boss would like all the other staff to move away from hardcopy notebooks and towards IT as well. Currently I have 2 staff working under me and I tried to create a shared folder on onedrive because once they have confirmed a client, they need to upload all the pictures of the client into the shared folder but the only issue is I need the folder to be fully secured where the staff will not be able to delete the pictures once they have uploaded them (I asked this question in a forum and they informed me to purchase sharepoint instead because onedrive doesn’t have the feature I am looking for).

Basically I am looking for something where my staff can upload their client photos into a shared folder that I can monitor but they must not be able to edit that folder. They cannot delete any photo once they have uploaded the photo. The 2nd issue is client information, where if my staff use an excel file just like me, I feel they will easily be able to manipulate the data in the file. I will need an excel file with security features such as the staff are able to key in information but they cannot simply edit information and tamper the information. I am wondering what would be the best solution? I am not sure what direction should I go and which solution will be best for me. Hope you guys will be able to help a brother out

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