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Am looking for ram for asus a7s333 board with xp2200. First build myself system. A recommended site for ram,, says pc2100 to pc2700. Says this is overclocked ram? Not quite sure what this means or if it is going to matter to me since I am not a gamer. Just thought to build a faster system than my xp1700 since I'm going to spend some money. Should I try to get true pc2700, or will I notice much, if any, difference, since I am not a gamer? Thanks
You may just go with the flow and use PC2700 with a DDR333 supported board. I may need to look for a link, but it's plausible it may be overclocked.

There isn't really a real-world difference between PC2100 (DDR266) and PC2700 (DDR333), but if PC2700 isn't much higher priced, then just go with a true stick.
You wont notice the diff between 2100 and 2700 most likely. But if the price difference is not large, go with the 2700
Thanks for the help. I will go with the true pc2700. I didn't realize what they were talking about was pc2100 which had been overclocked by the manufacturer or somebody to attain pc2700 status.
Gateway has recently released their 500mb sticks. They are (I think) $120 a piece, really just for gamers. Mabye this just sounds good to me cause I play a lot of high-polygon count games like Morrowind...
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