Max System RAM for Ryzen 5 5600G iGPU?


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My motherboard BIOS allows me to dedicate up to 8GB of system RAM to the iGPU. Does anyone know if the on-board iGPU can actually utilize that much memory? If it can, I'll add another 16GB of RAM to the system. If not, I won't waste my $. Thank you.

Ryzen 5 5600G
Asus Prime B450M-A II
16GB DDR4 3600MHz
Antec 650W PSU
Can it? Sure. Will it be able to properly utilize it? Not really. APUs are limited by speed of RAM more than size of their frame buffer outside of 2GB. The most I'd give it is 4GB.
Just ran Superposition with visual settings at max. iGPU set at 8GB. Rez at 1080p.
Kept HWINFO running in the background. These were the GPU memory usage results. Should that pgm have used more than what is indicated here?
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