Im having probs installing new hadware

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Im having some problems installing this.
HP 10/100 BaseT LAN Adapter (Ethernet)
I had it installed befor, it came w/ my pc.
but i took it out when i installed my pci video card.

I found a driver for it .
but my problem is in the add/remove hardware wizard >> select network adapters from the list.
hewett packard only comes w/ one and its not the one i got.

is there another way to get win2kpro to reconize it?

restarting has not helped
Forget add new hardware wizard, does it show in device manager under other devices as "PCI Ethernet Controller"?

If it does, just select that and go to properties, then re-install driver, and specify where your driver disk or file is.
no I dont have "other devices" in my device manager.
but i have system devices.
and its not coming up under there
If it was even being detected, you would have it under either other devices or network adapters.

If its not under either of those, open your computer and move it to another PCI slot.
If that doesnt work, try reseting your BIOS to factory defaults.
In device manager Im missing other devices and network adapters.

Im out of pci slots.

and if i reset my bios my onboard video will take over.

my bios sucks

you wouldnt believe the shit i had to go thru just to turn off onboard video
you are missing those because your NIC is not being detected, those options I gave you are all there will be to get it to detect.

You may have to remove a PCI device and reconfigure your BIOS, one of those two things must be causing this problem.
lol, no, not withought messing up all the drivers in your system. Generally, if a PCI slot does not work... its fried.
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